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Personal Information
The Art of Well only collects personal information when you request our services and only uses the information collected to provide those services for you. If you choose to make a purchase, you will be asked to provide contact information (such as your name and mailing address) and financial information (such as your credit card number and expiration date). This information is used for billing purposes and to process your order. We at The Art of Well handle all of this data with the utmost confidentiality.

Third Parties
Any personal information provided will not be traded, rented, sold or otherwise shared with anyone outside of The Art of Well, or used for reasons beyond those contemplated in this statement. From time to time, we may engage third parties to process your information on our behalf; however, none of The Art of Well affiliates (such as our credit card company) have permission to retain, share, store or use personal information for any reason other than providing the requested service.

To prevent unauthorized access, disclosure and improper use of your information, we have established appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards to protect the information we collect in accordance with our privacy policy.

How To Contact Us
Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please call us at 651.587.5440 or send us an email at biden political cartoons, pbr world championship prize money, kelly bates rhode island, obituaries fairfax va, dallas theatre auditions, red veins in cooked chicken, ector county district courts, cristian conyer kentucky high school football player 2023, findlay police accident reports, the real peaky blinders documentary, redmond high school student dies, , puente hills mall breaking news, property for sale eight mile creek whyalla, frankfurt american high school famous alumni,Related: does limoncello really help digestion, matt standridge wedding, cemetery opening times, if shiba hits 1 cent calculator, lambhill crematorium schedule, joe getty daughter delaney, boronia beach penguins, lilibet diana christening photo, what is the subject matter of mona lisa, the aficionado’s sliding door 1,044 cd 468 dvd library, killer on the high bridge suspect, plantations 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