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In respoExerciseForCancerRecovery.COVERnse to emerging research, more healthcare organizations are adding oncology rehab to their service offerings. As a result, cancer patients and survivors will start looking for ways to build upon the healing foundation initiated by their physicians and physical therapists and carry it forward to their lives after treatment. The Exercise for Cancer Recovery (ECR) program meets patients as they emerge from cancer treatment and physical rehabilitation seeking a safe, effective, and individualized exercise program they can manage on their own. This Introduction to The Art of Well’s Exercise for Cancer Recovery Program provides an overview of a comprehensive protocol focused on building a patient’s strength, balance, and flexibility. The manual outlines a 12-week cycle of exercises that attends to a patient’s functional status and comorbidities, while remaining adaptable to variations in the patient’s health status. Patients who have participated in the ECR program describe exercise as equally valuable to them as medicine, a way to restore confidence and achieve wellness in a recovering body. Healthcare organizations offering this continuum of care to their patients will prompt patients to take the next step toward health and recovery, and, in some cases, decreased risk for recurrence. The ECR program inspires preventative wellness as a key part of recovery, empowering patients to engage in lifelong, sustainable behaviors for healthy living.

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