Exercise for Cancer Recovery™

Exercise for Cancer Recovery™ is a research-based exercise program that focuses on building strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and functional movement. This program is for men and women who are diagnosed with cancer and either in treatment or post-treatment.

Cathy Skinner holds certifications in Cancer Exercise Training from ACSM and Physical Activity for Lymphedema from PALs for Life that complement her passion and drive to serve a community that has specialized fitness needs.

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In 2010, Cathy developed and facilitated an exercise and cancer recovery program in partnership with Fairview Health Services at a local fitness facility. This collaboration yielded an exercise program that focused on building strength, balance, flexibility, and weight management. Along with improving physical well-being, the program resulted in improved quality of life, function, range of motion, and stress management for survivors. Since then, Cathy created the Exercise for Cancer Recovery™ program which is in numerous community-based locations within the Twin Cities.

Training focuses on building core strength.

As a Cancer Exercise Program Consultant, Cathy helps organizations with:

  • Program design
  • Training
  • On-boarding
  • Work Plan
  • Marketing
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Retention
  • Sustainability

In the video below, Cathy Skinner is leading survivors through exercises.  Introduction by Wendy Rahn.