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Wellness Coaches USA: Cathy Skinner Midwest Region

Wellness Coaches USA is the leading national provider of on-site, face-to-face wellness coaching delivered directly to employees in the workplace by highly trained wellness coaches.

We integrate the power of our on-site and face-to-face coaching delivery methodology with a technology based coaching support platform to “turn more people on to wellness” than ever before; getting more employees (including those in small and/or remote locations, spouses and retirees) more interested, more committed, more responsive, and more actively involved in every single aspect of wellness than ever before possible.

Our integrated on-site process concurrently drives exceptionally high levels of employee engagement in coaching…in fact, more employee engagement per dollar invested than ever before possible , and provides state-of-the-art wellness coaching to actively support employees’ efforts to improve the lifestyle behaviors and health risks that are important to them in their own lives.

If you are part of a company in the midwest region, contact Cathy Skinner at to learn more.